Spring Break

I LOVE spring break. A week with all of my babies around me? It’s all very exciting. They are excited too, they just don’t know what’s coming. This week we’re going to be very busy, or I am anyway. They’ll be playing outside (with temps in the 60’s-70’s of course they will be!) while I’m doing my own spring cleaning.

I’m making my list public so that I can be held more accountable. Granted, I still have to teach classes 3 of the 5 days but Zach can tell you that when I set my mind to something I very rarely fail at making it happen.

-Print off 2 pieces of adoption stuff

-More Partner with Youth stuff for the Y

-Start sorting through garage sale stuff (if you have anything you want to put in our garage sale let me know, I’ll take it off your hands-all $ going towards our travel to pick up our babes).

-Look into switching insurance providers

-Take back recycling and order recycling bins

-Clean out shoe room

-Clean out John Deere room (our “storage room” that still has a lot of Camp’s stuff

-Clean the house

-Steam the carpets

-Steam the couches

-Put away Christmas dishes (that is really embarrasing)

-Finish Tariku’s Post-placement report

So I’m off. Wish me luck. And have no fear, I’ll still make plenty of time for these people.

Have no fear…we did not get another dog, this is my brother’s dog, Bentley. Beeeeautiful!

4 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Happy spring break! Your side of the state has it figured out…we had our spring break a week ago and it was COLD! 😦 I still have several nativity sets out around the house, so no worries you are not alone with the Christmas decos. A couple more months and we would just be way ahead of the game!

  2. I feel such a list coming on here too. Nothing like new kids to begin the nesting frenzy 🙂 I like it–it's a fresh start! We're having a big travel fund garage sale too in May. I have not started sorting and there is a lot of stuff to sort. Yikes!

  3. I mean you do know that we still have our Christmas tree right? I wouldn't worry about the Christmas dishes. I am just glad that it is yard waste bag time again because you also know about our other embarrassing secret. NEVER GO IN THE GARAGE! Look forward to seeing you next week. Have a blessed Easter.

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