It’s In!

We just got an email telling us that our dossier made it to Ethiopia today! Yippee!

We also just got an email saying that the two trip rule will come into effect May 9th. Our agency is saying we just need to have our case submitted to court before May 9th (that would mean we’re good to go with just 1 trip) but other agencies are reporting that you have to have a court date by May 9th (if that’s true, more than likely we’ll be traveling twice).

Are you loving this ride yet?

It’s a really tricky thing. I think the two-trip rule is great…for people who are just starting the process, thinking about starting the process, etc. Anything Ethiopia does to strengthen their ethical adoption program, is a very good thing. However, for those of us so close to bringing our babies home, this news is difficult for various reasons.

For us…financial comes to mind, as we’re talking about thousands of dollars. There’s also the issue of Zach’s work, taking all of that time off as well as at least one of the court dates landing smack dab in the middle of summer (impossible for Zach to do). The biggest issue for me is that our boys are 6 and 3. For the last year and a half, they’ve watched adoptive parents come meet their friends and then leave with their friends. Our boys would be one of the first wave of kids who met their parents and then watched as their parents left them again.

Can you imagine? 6 and 3-years-old. After hearing Tariku verbalize his feeling of abandonment when we left him for a few hours when in Ethiopia, I cannot imagine the feeling of abandonment our boys would feel if we didn’t come back for months.

Again, if we were just starting this and our boys got to see months and months of kids meet their parents, wait a few months and then leave with them, it would be a different (better) story. But the fact is I have no doubt it will hurt the attachment/bonding process for us and our boys.

I do have to say I’ve been coping remarkably well (if I do say so myself). I attribute it all to Tariku. I was truly loco during his process and now he’s here and he’s ours and he was worth every single second of panic, even if they were seemingly justified. So I know our boys will come home. I know that in 2 years, whatever happens, I’ll be praising God for the little miracles snoring loudly in their beds.

So eyes on the prize, we’re one step closer to bringing our boys home. I think that’s worth a Wendy’s frosty and a glass of Merlot. Salut!

7 thoughts on “It’s In!

  1. I am in such a whirlwind and I hadn't even kept up with who was ahead of me and doing what, because I thought for SURE we would be so far behind.I hope it's true we only have to travel once. And that our USCIS stuff gets it's act together. 🙂

  2. I agree with your philosophy on the two trips. I think it's ultimately a positive move, but on a personal level, it's difficult to think about leaving your children behind. Especially if they are not babies. From the sounds of it (Holt as well as "talk" on forums), I think we should be good under the old court rule.

  3. Tesi, You are holding it together way better than I would be! I am praying, praying, praying that you get a court date ASAP. Can't wait to hear the happy news that you only have to make 1 trip to bring those boys HOME!

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