Bad Mommy Blogger-2 Years Home

So yesterday was kind of a big day in our family. It marked 2 years since we brought Tariku home.

2 years. How is that possible?

I didn’t blog, I have no pictures of our guy on this day.

I’m a horrible, horrible mom who was somehow blessed with this wonderous creature we call Tariku.

Some of my friends call this day “Mindful Monday” in the blogworld.

I have no deep thoughts about my life 2 years ago and my life now. I have talked (incessantly perhaps) about how our lives have changed since our little habesha walked into our hearts.

But honestly, the more time passes the easier it is to forget these days. To stop concentrating on milestones. Because even though they act as good reminders to say a little “thanks” heavenward, every other day he’s just our son.

He’s no different. He eats, sleeps, laughs and pees just like my other kids. I kiss his knees when they’re bleeding, I sing his nickname song and I ache and miss him when he’s not around me.

I adore his laugh, I can’t get enough of watching him eat, he’s life and love and brilliant and forever ours.

I had great hopes 2 years ago walking through the tunnel of the airport towards our family and our home.

But my hopes then don’t compare to our present day reality.

We loved the last two years and are looking forward to the next eternity together. Love that boy.

4 thoughts on “Bad Mommy Blogger-2 Years Home

  1. I thought about this on Sunday. I may have mentioned in the past that the reason I always remember Tariku's anniversary of coming home is because it's also my father's birthday. Tariku came home on my dad's 65th birthday. 🙂 Happy Anniversary!

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