Wedding Saturday (and Sunday)

Did I mention my brother and Lindsey are getting married May 22, of this year? I’m so excited.

Clearly, this means every day is “go time”. This weekend was “go weekend”. Lindsey’s sister came over Saturday and her mom and mine came Sunday to help out.

Good times. So excited for them.

First stop, THE place to get all things wedding.

Lindsey was soooo excited about the bows!!!

Pretty good little shoppers!

Then we worked on putting ribbon on bubbles. A table full of sisters and bubbles!

The finished product.

It was also my baby bro’s birthday, as you know. So there were candles (and beer, obviously).

“Uncle Markie” and kids.

The happy couple and my kids.

3 thoughts on “Wedding Saturday (and Sunday)

  1. That's so exciting that they're getting married May 22nd. I never give this advice b/c I know it would be completely unsolicited, but I always want to tell people not to waste a minute getting married. Spend less time planning the wedding and more time being married b/c being married is awesome!!

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