My Big Sister

it’s her birthday today. The 3-0 birthday.

I’m so proud of her. So proud she’s my sister. She’s beautiful, talented, smart (she’s a Pharmacist, need I say more?) a great auntie and a great sister.

A little low on patience but high on love. Slow to trust but super trustworthy.

When we were younger people always asked if we were twins. I remember pretending (in my head) that we were.

When I’d have nightmares I’d always climb into her (twin) bed, she’d hate it but let me stay there anyway.

When I get good news or bad news, she’s the second person I call (the first being Zach, of course).

There were some years in there that were touch and go between us-I chalk it up to teenage angst-but I never, ever stopped being her biggest advocate and her biggest fan.

Every time I think Dailah is ok without another girl in the family I think of my sister and how she is a rock when I need it most and knows me better than most people. I know Dailah can form those relationships with friends and future sister-in-laws but I do mourn for her a bit this most amazing relationship between sisters.

So happy birthday to my big sister. I love you so very much!

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