Adoption Related Tidbits

– We received our i171H on Friday. Yippee! That means the US Government has okayed us to bring in two little boys from Ethiopia. This also means there is nothing standing in our way of travel except…

-Court. Tomorrow. It’s actually probably happening tonight as we sleep (IF we sleep). Maybe the case won’t be heard, maybe the people who need to show up won’t show up, maybe there will be missing paperwork, maybe, maybe, maybe. Somehow I’m incredibly calm about the whole thing. I’m chalking that up to God because Lord knows I’m not typically calm in these certain situations.

So if you could, pray for us and for the court. There are a lot of people from our agency who have court tomorrow and, of course, I’d love it if they all passed.

Remember that we probably won’t hear whether we passed or not for a few days. They typically wait until they have the actual paper saying you passed court before letting you know the outcome (which I appreciate because, if you’ll remember, our last agency told us we passed court with Tariku but we actually didn’t. Had they waited for the piece of paper it would’ve saved me a lot of stress…and lbs).

All this to say I had a good few weeks in there where I didn’t actually have to stalk my phone but we’ll be back to doing that for the rest of the week.

Good thing I have my brother’s impending nuptials to keep my mind off things.

To a successful court hearing! I want to be able to officially declare these boys Klipschs!

13 thoughts on “Adoption Related Tidbits

  1. Praying, praying! Crazy…when we adopted Zoe, we didn't even know when our court date was (apparently we passed the first try) but my how things have changed in just 3 years! We got a phone call one day saying "you passed court!" Great! Didn't even know we were going to court! ha! I'm definitely in the "I'd rather know things" camp, but I think it did save me a lot of anxiety! Like I said before, I cannot wait to hear the happy news (and maybe see pictures??) 🙂

  2. You and me babe… add in the twins and we clear off like 35% of the court docket in no time at all! ;)Here's hoping and praying for our cases!

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