Thank You, Chuck Norris

On Thursday I called Zach to tell him I just saw a sign that announced Chuck Norris was coming to town to stump for a political candidate. Didn’t really care about the candidate, only cared that Chuck Norris was going to be within reach and that we had the chance to thank him for his work in such notable films as Way of the Dragon.

I also thought someone needed to thank him for his moooostache (as you’ll see in this video, Norris’ facial hair deserves special recognition).

And all the camp counselors had just came into town.

So this is what happens when my husband decides to make something happen. Watch the video, Zach is the lead guy screaming, in the tan hat front and center. I’m not sure I could love him more after watching this. (I mean, please, he almost round house kicks Chuck Norris!)

As a side note, no one at Camp Abe Lincoln/YMCA is associated or endorsing Bob Vander Plaats, just wanted to reiterate that.

7 thoughts on “Thank You, Chuck Norris

  1. Hilarious! Seriously. My boys LOVE Chuck Norris and oh how I have heard all the Chuck Norris sayings! I showed them this and they cracked up! Way to go Zach! So cool! 🙂

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