Wordless Wednesday-Not a good sign

* Edited to add: Zach said that you can’t tell these are Dailah’s clothes and that some of you might think they are mine (really?). So these are Dailah’s clothes, I love this picture because I can’t quite figure out how they came off in this particular order. She de-robed in order to most resemble Captain Underpants (or, as she calls it, Crackin Underpants). So there you go, these are not my clothes, because I know you all were concerned that I could fit into size 4T pants nowadays.

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-Not a good sign

  1. Just found your blog….cant wait to see those two daring boys added to your crew! I can't wait to watch them come home…we all seriously loved T&B!

  2. Hey You!!!! because we've all been out of commission with the stomach flu for what seems like forever, I am finally getting caught up on all my blogs and was ASTOUNDED to read about your referral. I am so happy for you all. Can't wait till you bring your boys home. Congrats!!!

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