That’s right kids, one week from today. Feeling good about that. I got a lot accomplished today so that probably helps. One of my friends from Muscatine just found out she too will be in Ethiopia when we are. Seriously, that’s just crazy, one of my friends from the water team will be picking up her daughter the same week we pick up our sons. Crazy business!

Today I did a few things:

I made granola bars to take with us (and cliff bars to consume now)…

and organized this.

Somehow this took me all day (with a few other items checked off as well).

I’m fairly certain my excitement has reached new levels.

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  1. Tesi – I seriously don't even know how you're sleeping these days. I can't even imagine how excited you are. Well, I can imagine, but I don't think it would even begin to describe how you're feeling. Can't wait to learn more about your sons!

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