Just finished breakfast. Oh my how I’ve forgotten how great the food (and the coffee!) is!! We are 3 hours away from meeting the boys. Butterflies in my belly, love in my heart.
Union Hotel is amazing. Our room is huge, the shower is nice (and hot, woot!) and, of course, the Ethiopian people do not dissapoint. I love this country.
Will post after we meet the boys and will hopefully be able to have sister-in-law post pictures.
It’s just after 12:30 there, sending good night kisses to my babes in Iowa who (hopefully) have been sleeping for some time.
Thank you to my siblings for taking such great care of them during what we hear was an actual tornado touch down!
Much love,
almost seriously a mom to 5

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  1. Sorry about the sickness but so glad you made it safely. Been thinking of you like crazy especially this morning around 5:30 when I was rocking sweet Ethiopia. Figured you were on the verge of meeting your boys. Wish I was there. The smells and tastes are still lingering.PS What room are you in? We were in 202. Love to you. B

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