Kait’s Home!

My sister-in-law, Kait, is back home. She has spent the last 3 months in Sri Lanka doing some pretty rad things. Have I mentioned before how much I love her? Because I think I have.

But she had yet to meet my new sons, so I was biting at the bit to introduce them. We gave her a few hours to try to sleep off the days of travel and then we hightailed it over to visit.

Kait, Leslie and hotflawedmama

Dailah caught up with her Uncle Jake.

Binyam bonded with Julio, or as Bini calls him, “baby woosha”.

Kait brought us traditional sarongs (sp) from Sri Lanka. I’m not biased or anything, but these men are beautiful in anything. (That’s mine with the kissable lips on the far right).

The ladies got one too. Emily (aka “Cash’s mommy”), hotflawedmama and Leslie. I think it’s only slightly creepy that Zach and his brothers chose wives who look so remarkably alike.

A shot of the couples.

But actually, this is what we look like most of the time. Laughing hysterically, peeing our pants just a bit. I love them all probably a little too much.

No night would be complete without Papa Frank handing out gum to the kiddies.

4 thoughts on “Kait’s Home!

  1. I always thought Kait and Jake looked a lot alike, but now I see how much she and Zach really look like each other. That WHOLE family is GORGEOUS!!(tee hee! my word ver. word is "muslypro" which I immediately thought was an accurate description of you – muscle-y pro! yeah, i DO know how weird i am!)

  2. I love Binyam's short hair, although I know first-hand the wrestling feelings that go with cutting such gorgeous-ness. It will grow back, and he looks so grown-up and handsome!!

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