Today my “littles” started preschool. It goes everyday from 9-11:30. We weren’t originally going to put Binyam in school but after talking it out we realized it’d probably be better for him in preschool than at the Y. The preschool program is through the Y and the Director is the very best, we feel confident in all of this.

That said, we are not twinning the two littles. Binyam will go to preschool for two years and Dailah will start Kindergarten, oh crap, next year. Bini turns 4 in a few weeks so he’d be a young Kindergartner anyway.

So there you go. They were both so very excited to start school today and I was jumping out of my skin sad to see them go. For a few hours every day I’m all by my lonesome, though honestly it amounts to just 1 day when I’m not teaching. I’ve decided to dedicate it to grocery shopping, so that’s fun.

But pictures. These two were the cutest humans in the world this morning, no exaggeration.

Getting in the car (I have no idea why I keep taking pics in front of my dirty car, apparently that’s just how I roll).  By the way, we had to cut Bini’s beautiful locks because he had some funkiness on his scalp that I couldn’t reach. They will grow back and I will stop feeling so sad about it.

This was completely unprompted. I go to close the door, turn around and there they are. They genuinely love each other already.

After Dailah helped Bini wash his hands it was carpet time. Oh my heart. Oh. my. heart.

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