I have too many to share, but we actually had a lot of fun! These are ones that didn’t make the cut but that I’ll treasure forever because I think they show just how genuinely full of joy the family is these days.

Somehow their days always end up without their shirts on.

It was worth a shot. I still love their little butts though. šŸ™‚

I told them “think of something funny”.

Then I pretended to hit Zachary playfully in the nether region. My kids have no sympathy for their father.

Pay special attention to Tomas’s face -he makes it a lot and Trysten’s face- he also makes that a lot.

I really do look like most of the time. Zach says you can hear me laughing in this picture (truth be told you probably could, I have an obnoxiously loud laugh).

Trysten’s karate kick

Tomas’s “jump”. This kid disappointed me greatly has no ups yet. We are working on calf raises and weighted jumps as we speak. šŸ˜‰ But God love him for trying so hard.

Tariku frustrated me to no end. He probably has the best smile in our whole family and when asked to deliver last night would give me this. Zach said Tariku was so frustrated with me he was probably doing it on purpose. Heehee. He came through for me in the end, though, like I knew he could.

Dailah “Doozie” on the other hand, needed no prompting. I’m going to do a full post on her sometime because she was just too much. Put her in front of the camera and she brings the attitude. Here she is telling Zach and hotflawedmama a good story when she’s supposed to be smiling for her single.

There were no outtakes of Bini because he can’t help but smile, he’s seriously that cute. We did have this, probably my favorite picture of my boys.

Just joy, my family is just joy.

7 thoughts on “Outtakes

  1. I think the outtakes are my favorites! The one with Zach hugging the boys would absolutely have to be blown up if that was my family. No question. All the pics…beautiful, just like your family, so how could they not be?Makes me miss you…

  2. Traveled with the first Holt group in May and couldn't get enough of Tomas Brown! I love seeing him with his forever family.Kerry (home since May with the fabulous Tay)

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