that’s what I’ve seen most from my Binyam the last few days. And somehow this major surgery has found him turning a corner. He’s talking more, being more engaged and aware. We are starting to see more of his personality. I think truly, there might have been a part of him that wondered whether we had noticed his feet. And that, when we noticed, we might turn him away. But now he’s seen that we not only knew about his feet but wanted to help him with it. And then not only helped him with it but stayed with him through it. And we carry him around all day. And take him to the bathroom. And administer drugs. And tell his siblings to make way for him.

I think he likes whatever “family” means.

So he’s gotten goofier. At first we thought it was the pain meds (and mostly it probably was). But now we’re noticing that’s just him. And it’s beautiful.

And so is his resilience. I have no doubts that if the roles were reversed, I’d be sitting on the couch sobbing at my hand in life. Not this kid. This kid isn’t sitting anywhere, this kid is taking that hand he was dealt and playing a sweet ass game of poker with it. And when I see him live life, all I can think is simply…

I want in.

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