Love this from here:

But I am convinced that Christians in America can appreciate their country without worshipping it, be politically engaged without being politically consumed, and hold opinions about healthcare and the economy without insisting that God agrees. We can be civil because we know that people are infinitely more valuable than positions. We can be calm because we know that love will win in the end. We can laugh because we’re neither threatened nor dazzled by power.

How much do you guys love that? Because it’s so true.

That said, I’ll be voting tomorrow. I hope you will be too. I hope you’ve dug deep and figured out what’s important to you and yours. I hope you vote based on that, not based on how other people are voting or how great one candidate’s mustache is (seriously one of the Iowan Governor candidates has an amazing ‘stache).

In the end, in the end, love wins. Regardless, love wins.

Now vote. 🙂

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