It’s Christmas at Camp!

Last week the kids started begging (well I heard begging anyway, there’s a decent chance Trysten just asked once, I do so love the holidays) me to start setting up for Christmas.

Of course I obliged.

I helped Tomas put up the first decoration. Might not be able to do that for many more years!

Zach even (albeit reluctantly) helps with decorating. He acts like he does it just for me but I can see the smile behind those eyes. Oh, but he does love me that much too.

Me, on the other hand, I seriously love this stuff.

These guys? Yup they do too.

At least for a few minutes. After those few minutes, they wound up wrestling. They always do. What is it with boys?

These two, well they decorated and proceeded to break my heart into a billion pieces with their unlimited preciousness.

After decorating we turned our excitement into a dance party.

Their relationship (Dailah and Tomas), that is something I wasn’t expecting. But they are budding besties. I love it.

Doozie, being the only girl on hand not holding an expensive camera, was passed around readily. It was pretty obvious, though, that this was her favorite partner. And the feeling was mutual.

My favorite part of decorating this year was definitely Tomas. He was enjoying everything so much. I started holding his hand and he turned to hug me, “I’m so excited for Christmas this year because I have a family! And I love you guys so much!”

The feeling is absolutely mutual.

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