What a year it’s been. When I was showering yesterday preparing for the celebration at the Klipschs, I nearly broke down. Just too much to be thankful for, really. New kids, “old” kids, husband, family, friends, food, clean water. So, so much. It feels sometimes silly to have a day devoted to giving thanks, right? But sometimes it’s exactly what we need to remind ourselves that we weren’t meant to live this life on our own. When I looked around the tables last night at dinner I was so thrilled to be living my life. With the people who have come alongside me and inspired me, loved me and challenged me.

So, so thankful to this God who gave it all to me. So, so inspired to do something with my blessings.

But really, I am thankful for these people every day.

Aunt Kait and all of her nephews (and single niece…until baby girl Klipsch comes home that is).

Dailah and hotflawedmama feeding my nephew, Cassius.

Bini was so precious with his cousin, Cash.

Kait, Dailah, Cash and Aunt Emily (aka “Cash’s mommy”)

And this is us. Arguably the most thankful family this year.

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