What We’ve Been Up To

Just to pre-warn you, as soon as 2011 hits, I might stop capitalizing the blog. I’ve gotten juuuuust lazy enough to edit these posts less and less. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my grammar check has altogether ceased to exist. Why not just stop with the caps, right?

Anyway…our last few days in pictures.

First, the hair cuts. Dailah got a few inches off (and was absolutely pampered by everyone who worked at the salon in the process).

I got my hair colored by my girl Chrissy and then trimmed at the salon (where, for whatever reason, they chose not to pamper me).  I had spent way too much time as a blonde lately.

Zach and I went to our church’s ugly sweater party. It was ugly. Zach won a Target gift card for his combination of ugly sweater and super sweet dance moves.

I didn’t have nearly enough any alcohol so was not feeling up to strutting the catwalk. But I will pose you under the table if you try to take me on.

We had family Wii night on Saturday. If it weren’t for Zach’s unending patience the game would have lasted but 2 minutes if it were up to me. Let’s just say Tomas went from not listening at all not knowing what he was doing to laying down spares left and right. The end of the night got much better for me. Especially after I saw this picture and remembered how blessed I am (ignore Dailah’s hand).

Then last night we had a little get together with our buds. Kara (my sister) and I made our very first turkey which turned out to be extremely moist (I hate that word) and delicious. I also made Oreo balls which should be considered the 8th deadly sin…or the only sin God created. But these women make my life richer, more beautiful in every.single.way. They also make my abs considerably stronger with all of the laughing.

And our men. Who let us be as crazy and ridiculous as we really are. Jason (front and center in black) is a police officer, which explains the constant sneer. Bruce (orange) is a City Planner of sorts (though truth be told his job is kind of like Chandler Bing’s, no one really knows what he does for a living) and thus is full of joy and good cheer. Zach, well he’s just a smartass, so that’s just his face. 🙂

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