Princess Ball

On Sunday Dailah was invited to the annual Princess Ball at my father-in-law, Frank’s, church. Even though they do this every year, she still gets just as excited as she did the first year.

So Dailah and I entered our modern day version of the Red Tent and prepped her for her night on the town.

At one point I even looked down and she was meditating. With proper mudra fingers and “Om” on her lips. Love that girl.

We finished with just enough time to snap one picture before we had to meet Frank at the church.

Getting her out of the car, I couldn’t help but see the likeness between these two.

This year papa stepped up even more and brought her a wrist corsage. She squealed with delight. They were quite the handsome pair.

A quick picture of two of the people who love her most (Note to self, never be in the forefront of a picture, does nothing in the way of making my oversized head appear smaller).

While Dailah and Papa were at their dance we went out to eat with some friends. Last week I had heard that one of my favorite Mexican restaurants (Los Agaves for those local folks) had $1 tacos on Sunday. Since I 1) love a good deal and 2) love Mexican food I got all kinds of excited about the possibilities. The Bergers and Smiths met us out where we had our typical amazing time.

These two seem to always dress alike. This night they were rocking their very best Bill Cosby sweater look. Love that about them.

Doozie joined us after her dance where the Berger sisters (who she considers her sisters) met her with oooos and aahhhhs.

I don’t really understand her love of dressing up all fancy all of the time but I must be honest in saying a part of me was thrilled that she rocked the arm tats the whole time too. Love her so, so much.

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