Tariku’s Tonsils

On Wednesday we had an appointment with an ENT specialist for Tariku. The last few months his snoring had become so intense he was keeping Tomas and himself up at night. Then around Christmas he fell asleep in the car. After awhile of loud snoring it got quiet. A few minutes later he started gasping for air and woke up. 

That sounded like sleep apnea, I thought.
And the last few weeks he started to show more signs that his apnea had gotten worse. 
We told the Doctor this and he looked down Tariku’s throat and nose and said, “Yup, he needs them taken out.”
They scheduled the appointment for Friday. 
On Friday we took our little Tariku early in the morning to the surgery center. He was still stinkin’ cute in his little gown.
Zach and I took turns snuggling in bed with him. He was nervous, but seemed to bask in all of our attention.
After he came out of surgery we got to go right in to see him. Tariku was just coming out of anesthesia and put the “C” in “crazy”. Poor guy was flailing about, spitting blood and screaming. He calmed down when he heard Zach and me. But MAN was it hard seeing him like that. 
But of course, Tariku being the strongest kid I know, impressed the nurses with how much he drank right away, how well he handled the pain meds and his overall mood and temperament.
He impresses us still. Every day he gets better and better. He’s done well drinking what he’s supposed to and tasting the pudding, applesauce and bananas.
When Tariku came out of surgery he asked how much longer until he saw his brothers and sister. Then he said, “I just want everyone I love around me.” And so my mom had come to help. Papa Frank came for a visit. My siblings went to lunch with us. That night Frank and Terre brought over dinner for those of us who could eat and lots of hugs and kisses for the one of us who couldn’t. Terre also gave love to our dogs, namely Abe who, at 160lbs still considers himself a lap dog.
Leslie and Oliver brought balloons over the next day, which made him very happy. And it’s been a non-stop “Let’s show Tariku how much we love him” since.
And boy do we!
I love him so, so much. So excited for him to get better sleep, and to breath better, etc, etc. But more excited that he’s my son. And what a darn good one he is!

5 thoughts on “Tariku’s Tonsils

  1. So glad to hear Tariku is doing well. Lots of prayers his way. Russell, who for whatever reason, has a deep love for Tariku, was very concerned all Friday and kept saying, "Poor Tariku."Russell also said something about Tomas that made me smile too: "I don't like Tomas; I love Tomas."Beautiful week to you dear one.

  2. Here's wishing Tariku a speedy recovery. I had my tonsils taken out when I was 4, and I still remember everything about it. Way back in the stone age, I had to stay in the hospital for a few days. On the way home, I begged my parents for some McDonald's french fries, which they got for me. I ate about 3 or 4 before I started puking EVERYWHERE in the backseat of the car. 😦 Ah…good times…good times….

  3. Speedy recovery Tariku.I had one who was down for two weeks recovering and one who as we left the PACU the nurse said "are you sure they did anything to her?" and she came home and ate potato chips. (we did have an emergency repair but she bounced right back from that too) Hopefully your recovery will be the second kind (without the ER visit)

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