Mindful Monday-Women Love

“You know what some of us fear more than anything else? Each other. I feared other women’s success because I thought it made me look bad. I feared other women’s choices because I thought they invalidated my choices. I feared getting closer to other women because I was miserable and I didn’t want them to know that.”


“The best thing I ever did was tiptoe out of isolation and join the circle of women. We need to choose to believe we are all in this together. We need to accept and honor our own lives so we can accept and honor each other’s lives. When we do this, when we help one another, cheer one another on, call one another to our truest and highest selves, we become a powerful force for good-for God-in this world.”

Both from Nice Girls Don’t Change the World by Lynn Hybels

Love both of them. Because I would say that was my transformation. My high school self (and slightly beyond) can definitely relate to the former quote. I think most of us could admit that we’ve been there at some point.

But I can honestly say I’m finally there, at that latter quote. I used to be the girl who “had more guy friends than girls” and would go on to give lots of really ridiculous reasons why that is, all those reasons cut down other women.

Not anymore. I’ve come to a place where I’m no longer interested in cutting other women down, or, quite frankly, hanging out with women who want to do that to each other.

I’m in such a good place right now with my friends (both in person and through the interwebs) and my sisters and my moms and aunts and cousins. I’ve surrounded myself with amazing women who challenge me, love me, accept me, forgive me and support me. It’s an awesome place to be.

As a reward, of sorts, for getting to this place. I’m heading to Colorado. Tickets are bought, calendar is counting down, daily thoughts about it are here. I’m.so.excited. Why? Because I get to meet/see some of my interweb peeps. Cathy, most amazing Cathy, has offered us all a place to stay when we get there. Chandra will be there. Sarah will be there. Mama Papaya will be there. I think Rebekah will as well. And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head (and know their blog names by heart). Who else is coming?

Truly, I’m ridiculous. This will be the first time I’ve ever flown by myself. I wanted a straight shot so as not to develop anxiety about boarding gates and cranky passengers and luggage racks ohmy!. I’m thrilled on so many levels.

But mostly to have a few days, in the middle of summer no less, with some women I admire deeply. I wanna soak in their genius, bask in their laughter and maybe get a little silly on the spirits.

Being in this place of raising fellow women up rather than tearing them down, infinitely better. Infinitely more rewarding.

9 thoughts on “Mindful Monday-Women Love

  1. Yup, we'll be there. When I was running yesterday, I imagined Cathy and I dragging you out with us for a run… there's no way you can't run if you teach like a bazillion of those classes a day.

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