Last week my mother-in-law Terre had told me she was getting a brand new washer and dryer. My washer/dryer combo was about 15+ (ish) years old. Example A: the washer.

Not only was it old, but it was tiny. And with a growing family such as ours, that meant I was doing laundry all day every day-no exaggeration needed. So I asked Terre if, when she got her new washer and dryer, she would be willing to let me have her old machines which were still newer and considerably nicer than mine. Because she’s amazeballs she said I could (yippee!).
So on Thursday she told me her new stuff would arrive Friday morning and then she was just going to have the peeps deliver her old ones to me. Yay! That sounded perfect. She was excited about her new ones, I was excited about my new(oldish) ones!
On Friday we were coming home late from the doctor/pharmacy so that by the time we got home, the truck was already there. I saw my new/old washer and dryer and was super excited. I saw Terre and my dad-in-law, Frank there too, which also excited me. So as I got to them and gave them a hug Terre said, 
“Now I know you asked for my old washer and dryer and I know you would’ve been happy with those but I couldn’t give you old ones so I went ahead and got you brand new ones too.”
And then, the moving guys wheeled out beautiful, brand new, huge, glorious, terrific washer and dryer.
And I cried.
And I hugged Terre and Frank.
And I told them I felt like I was on Oprah because, well, I felt like I was on Oprah.

Terre later told me she wished someone had done this for her when she was knee deep in laundry with 4 young kids at home. So, so sweet. And actually, she got me nicer ones than she got herself. Unselfish woman, that one. 
You ready to see them? My new babies? Ok. Here I am, in my sweats of course, just chillin on my most amazing babes.
Did you know there are buttons on washers and dryers? Did you know there are multiple settings to choose from? Mmmmmk I had no idea.
Truly, I pray that my kids end up with in-laws as amazing as mine. I was young enough when I married Zach that I didn’t even consider the fact that I’d be marrying his family as well and boy did I get tremendously blessed despite that naievete. It could’ve been all kinds of bad for me but it’s not. I love, love, love And I have no doubt in my mind they love me too.

Any idea what a relief it is to know that I have 2 moms and 2 dads, not to mention hoards of brothers and sisters? Such a relief. 
Speaking of relief, these beauties are going to give me exactly that. A bigger wash load, a better dryer (I was drying each load about 3 times in the old one). This means less time, better/less energy use, and all of that means more time with my 5 babes. Which is so vitally important to me lately (and always).
So, so thankful for my mama Terre (and Papa Frank). Such generous souls. Truly. I love them so much. I love them so much I love them more than my washer and dryer-which is a pretty big deal. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Glorious

  1. Yay for your generous family! We have a similar set for our family of 7 and I just wanted to mention we have great luck with the original HE Tide powder – in terms of getting clothes clean and not causing skin irritation. Enjoy!

  2. all kinds of jealous right now over those beauties! Our washer broke a couple months ago and I was singing praises. Not that we could afford a new one, but man I wanted a new one. Then, may amazing husband was able to fix it. Darn!

  3. It takes a village baby! You totally deserve being on Oprah and more!Seriously, I am coveting your new wash/dry set. Mine are also about 15 year or more hand me downs from my parents. They still work great, though, no triple drying issues.

  4. BEST Blog I read in a long time….enjoy your laundry! And most importantly…..enjoy the extra time with your family, by the reads of it, you have a great one!!!!

  5. Dear Terre,I don't know you, but thank you for making sweet Tesi so happy and for giving her the BEST gift ever! You rock. And Tesi, that is freaking awesome!!!!!!! So happy for you.

  6. What a crazy amazing gift. We have recently been wonderfully blessed by the generosity of our parents and I am so appreciative and only pray that I will become like them. And of course, I am also a tad bit jealous. Maybe I will bring my laundry to you!

  7. Wow Tesi! Terre sounds so thoughtful. Im guessing terre enjoyed giving them even more than how much u enjoyed receiving them! So glad you have such an amazing mother-in-law…of course in addition to your amazing mother too. Lindsay W

  8. Oh my….that just made me cry. what a wonderfully, thoughtful gift!And if you make the trip to the capitol square, be sure to swing the kids inside "Capitol Kids". My kids loved playing in there and looking around….we left empty handed, which wasn't easy, but it was a fun place to warm up. There is also the children's museum right down town too for a break from the rallying!

  9. oh sweet tesi, you make me blush. YOU are such a joy to my heart. I cannot imagine anyone else I would rather have for a daughter. As you know, ALL my daughters are precious to me. I love you Kait, Tesi, Leslie, and Emily. How could God be so kind and gracious to give me a family so warm and kind, graceful and merciful to the world. I am so blessed. Please pass the tissue.

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