Happy Birthday, Tomas!

Yesterday was my second eldest’s birthday. My Tomas. Oh my heart. Pretty much since Tomas got to America he’s been asking when his birthday is (Dailah’s was just a few weeks after we got back home, so he had seen it first hand almost immediately).

Then Trysten’s birthday came and went and well, he’s been counting the days since. Sunday night Trysten and Tariku did something really sweet for Tomas (more on that later) and so by yesterday morning his excitement had reached new heights. Proof? This was his face when we woke him up with “Happy Birthday”.

Tomas chose pancakes. Because of that, he got a “T” to honor the birthday boy.

Off to school where he got his name called over the loudspeaker and a free pencil (no big deal). Tomas chose cupcakes (he actually called them muffins) for his school treat. Have I mentioned Tomas’s teacher is the beezneez? Mmmk because she really is. He has an entire community of men and women at his school that are doing everything they can to make him successful in school. Mrs. Dunlap deserves more than a cupcake but for today, it’ll be enough.

Then he got his special Toys R Us time with Papa Frank. For dinner he chose pizza and I chose Old Chicago.

The siblings were there to support.

We were entertained.

We played with tape (Bini before and after).

Tomas opened presents. Of course he had picked out foodstuffs.

Papa Frank. Amazing Papa Frank spoiled him rotten, of course.

Aunt Kara (KK) also spoiled him.

Tomas actually ended the night reading that book. Reading it. Crazy business. I was able to get one picture of the two of us together. To prove I was there.

What to say about Tomas? He loves food. Loves food. All kinds every kind. At one point he didn’t like eggs but that phase has passed and he’s back to loving everything. Except ice cream. Ice cream he only kind of likes. Everything else he positively inhales.

Tomas is funny, really funny. He is so sweet, helping out brothers and sisters and friends. Everyone who meets him constantly comments on his smile because it’s huge and wonderful. Tomas is just shorter than Trysten and almost 15lbs heavier, he’s a big kid. But can be surprisingly smooth with his body.

Did I mention he’s smart? Whew he’s smart.

And did I mention we love each other? He grabs my hand without thinking about it. He leans in to give me a kiss goodnight and a kiss good morning. I do the same. And before I pull away I look him in the eyes and tell him I love him. He meets my gaze and says the same.

I kind of can’t believe how quickly time has passed since last year on his birthday when we had just found out we were going to be able to be his parents. I loved the idea of him then.

But boy the reality is so much better.

Love, love him.

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