My Binyam. Oh my Binyam. A few weeks ago he got his full leg casts off and traded them for the under the knee variety. We got our first look at his feet post surgery and they looked amazing!

Binyam before. How much do you love his Halloween casts?

His tiny little legs with his surprisingly big feet!!!

And the close up. Amazing!

You want a comparison? Here you go.

God I love him.

There really aren’t words in this language to perfectly describe Binyam’s strength and courage. There just aren’t. But he is amazing. He’s been walking in his short casts since the day he got them on (despite getting 6″ pins removed from his feet).

Yesterday he was doing wind sprints in them.

Any more surgeries? I don’t know the answer to that for sure. His left foot looks perfect, his right still has a small turn in. I’m guessing we won’t know for sure for a few months once Binyam is fully recovered and has worn his corrective shoes for awhile. For my laymen’s eye (or mama’s eye, as it were) I think they look beautiful and perfect. I’m praying for no more surgeries. Perhaps you could join us. Look at that face, he deserves a break does he not?

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