Summer break

ya’ll summer is here. And I love it.

I get to wake up leisurely and then shuffle to Dailah’s room where, still groggy from waking up, she opens her arms and beckons me to snuggle. Minutes spent breathing in her wonderfulness and talking about what she’s looking forward to that day. Leave her to dress herself and shuffle downstairs.

The boys wake up before the girl so as I come down the stairs I give a quick, “Good morning, Klipschs!” and hear 8 tiny feet running to swarm me with hugs. They tell me of their dreams and then run off to start their chores.

I make coffee and begin the breakfast buffet.

Minutes later I hear daddy and daughter coming down the stairs together. I pour my love his coffee and set the table for my babes.

We eat together sometimes, or I postpone my morning breakfast to eat with the man I love more than anyone else.

Kids brush teeth and run to play outside, Zach and I shuffle to the couches to enjoy another cup of coffee together.

It’s all so wonderful, so relaxed. I know the kids sometimes miss their friends from school but for me, I hit summer and never look back. It’s everything to me having us all together for unrushed time in the morning (and sometimes all day).

So if you need me I’ll be here, soaking in every minute, thankful I have them with these people in this spot.

6 thoughts on “Summer break

  1. you are SUCH an encouragement to me. i LOVE the love you have for your kiddos. i pray to be there someday, too. xoxoxo p.s. come/move to western iowa. please??

  2. Ditto over here… although selfishly I love the days when my kids get up before me and come wake me up with hugs. My boys are such big huggers in the morning. I love how it's unrushed and laid back. I'm so glad you're lovin' your mornings.

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