the weekend

was superb. Relaxing. Kind of rainy and gross, but great. Zach starts gearing up for camp this week which means, amongst many things, that we lose lots of quality daddy time. So we soaked it all up this weekend.

We also harvested a bit from our garden. Spinach and lettuce. They both tasted like little bits of heaven the second you bit into them. I think this gardening bit is growing on me.

One month until I head to Colorado to be with some pretty remarkable ladies. Oh man am I excited about that. Especially because I’ve been wanting really badly to reach through the computer and give a few of them true (not just cyber) hugs.

The bigs are done with school next Monday. Littles finished preschool. I am busy scheduling dentist appointments, Kindergarten physicals, and other things we’ve been putting off far too long.

That’s it. Summer is starting and I couldn’t be more excited about that.

7 thoughts on “the weekend

  1. SO excited for Colorado too!I am taking next week off – the kids' first week home from school – and I can't wait. This full time job/full time mother thing is for the birds. Unfortunately, I can't give up either.

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