Since I can’t quite put my weekend into words yet, I’ll talk about Adventureland. Which happened on Thursday. Feels like weeks ago. Was so much fun.

Something I do often. The Klipsch huddle. Before we go places I talk to them about expectations (how I expect them to behave and what they can plan on the day looking like) and then we get together and either do a “team” or a “klipsch” cheer. It’s a goofy way to let them know the rules, etc. Love that my mom took a picture of it.

First stop always, merry go round.

Tomas, having never been on a rollercoaster decided the Space Shot would be a good place to start. Gulp. He loved it.

On to the kiddy version of the Space Shot. Tomas hated it, weak sauce, uninterested. He cracks me up.

Water rides. Heat advisory warning made water rides essential.

Other fun rides/ fun times.

Trysten in front of the Dragon. My first time on it as well as the big 3’s. Trysten is too much like me in that when he’s scared he screams, freaks out, balls his head off panics ever so slightly. Mean mama made him do lots of things he was scared to do that day but he pushed through and was very proud of himself in the end.

Adley was so cute. Always is.

Time for the water park. It was so hot. And so fun.

Bini ended up falling asleep.

Then my dad joined him.

I took the bigs down the green slide. Scary. Thrilling. Wedgie inducing. Loved it.

Last ride of the night. The ferris wheel.

My kids are at an amazing age for a day like this. From 10am to 8pm they did amazingly well. And I loved every second. My parents are generous to make this an annual thing and the kids have an awesome time. How lucky am I? Really.

2 thoughts on “Adventureland

  1. Know what I love about these photos? That you're in so many of them. With your kids, laughing and smiling! You all look so happy. Warms my heart. And I miss you like crazy.

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