Blogaramagaga Weekend

One of the most frustrating things for me is not being able to verbalize all that’s going on in my head. At least not do it well and not do it justice. That’s how this weekend was. It was an amazing weekend. Amazing. The women in this group (and men and children) were beyond my wildest dreams awesome. They were funny, smart, loving, supportive and absolutely beautiful. They were also a bunch of hippies who didn’t wear deodorant but that’s besides the point. 🙂 I made a lot of new friends this weekend, new friends that I can’t wait to see again.

Colorado was beautiful. Cathy’s home was beautiful. This was the view from her porch. Mountains in the back. Amazing. Cathy already wrote a blog post about the weekend here. She must be missing it as much as I am.

Cathy started to get to work on dinner. This is why she was a better hostess than I’ll ever be. Tombstone pizzas would’ve been a staple with me, not so much with her. She was brilliant the whole weekend. This fresh salad was proof of her greatness.
We got some plastic cups and a Sharpie to kick it old school. Chandra got distracted and instead of putting her name wrote “Colorado”. She is too much goodness. 
Reason #2 why I love her…she broke her glasses. So her hubby put her lenses in some safety goggles. That was months ago and she never went and got glasses. She rocks it. She might be the only girl in the world who could make it easy for me to stay up until 4am (which she did). Love her.
We played with each other’s kids.
And stalked them like the paparazzi. Sweet Matthew, I love him.
We went on hikes.
We drank a lot of coffee and caught up on the news. (David, Cathy’s husband, was a fantastic man who reminded me much of my brother-in-law, Jake. I took this picture to prove to Leslie just how much he was like Jake.)
We sat around a lot. And laughed. And we cried (actually, I was the only one who cried). And we may or may not have discussed topics ranging from racism to vaginas. 
Oh did we laugh.
We showed each other our freakish talents. Notice Deirdre’s arm slightly distorted.
We took lots and lots of pictures. Apparently when you start blogging you get either the Canon or the Nikon camera that look exactly alike. I put a hair tie on mine so I’d know which one it was all weekend.
We Chandra and I bought candy. $52 worth of it.
I am now officially riding the coattails of some amazing women. Definitely this one.
But these women. Read their blogs, love them from afar because I can attest to the fact that these ladies are the kind of women who run the world in their own little ways. They are the ones who raise amazing kids who turn out to be amazing adults. They are the ones who give women the very best name. They are the ones who lift each other up and who make my heart grow bigger just by knowing them. They are the best of the best. And I am so blessed to have spent just a short weekend with them. Can’t wait until next year!
(From left to right. Back row: Rebekah, Amanda, Jayme, Deirdre, Carrie, Bridget. Front row: Courtney, Cathy, Chandra, Hotflawedmama, Sarah)

9 thoughts on “Blogaramagaga Weekend

  1. what a great group of women! I'm so glad you got to get together at such a beautiful setting. Maybe you could host them at Y camp next year?? love you. love love love

  2. Looks fun!! BTW, saw your kids at the fireworks in the boat on Saturday night. How random is that?! They looked like they were having a great time. 🙂

  3. How amazing! I am so happy for you…all of you….and wish I could have that time with you! Isn't it amazing to be with women. It just is, makes me want to get a women's weekend together!

  4. 2 things: You did a fantastic job of putting our weekend into words; and is that really what my hair looks like from behind. Blech! Don't sell yourself short. You are a great writer. I love this post so much.

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