On Camping

for the last year or so Zach will randomly talk about how he wants to start camping. Since he knows me and knows I’m not what people would call a “camper” I figured he had come up with a clever euphemism for sex.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. He was talking about camping. Like the pitch the tent (again, not talking about sex), sleep on the earth kind of camping.

I wasn’t thrilled about this for any number of reasons, especially after my most fabulous weekend when Courtney said she didn’t like camping because of “bears, mountain lions, and murderers“. Yeah that didn’t help. Even though Courtney is funny, skinny, beautiful and smart (these being reasons I generally don’t trust a person) there was something in her eyes that made me believe she had legit reasons to be scared of those things.

Alas, I could look into these eyes no longer and say no. And can you blame me? mmmmm

I agreed to take a family “vaca” this fall. A camping “vaca”. Lawd help me. Today we decided to get our equipment, including a bigger tent.

The kids have been so excited about the new tent and the thought of going camping. None as excited as Tomas, though, and when I told Zach that Tomas was most thrilled Zach says, rightly so, “That’s how Tomas approaches everything in life. With complete and total excitement.” So. freaking. true. Tent set up, check. Kids break dancing in said tent? Check.

I’ll be the first to admit that one of the only reasons I agreed to our camping expedition was for the new socks and shoes. I’ve been campaigning for SmartWool socks for something close to a year. And if mama’s gonna be a camper, mama might as well be a hiker. I think I look like a camper/hiker here, no?

In all actuality I’m rather excited for this weekend in end of August when I take 4 Zanax pack up the car with what will certainly be too much stuff and venture out into the wild. New shoes and all. Wish us luck with all things, but most especially the murderers.

14 thoughts on “On Camping

  1. Kinda surprising for a chick who lives, um, at a camp. It'll be awesome. The only thing I don't like about camping is the sleeping on the ground thing. That's why we got that queen sized blow up mattress. (not talking about sex here) Do you really want more smartwools? I can share some – my parents go sock bonkers at Christmas.

  2. Mwaaa haaa haaa …. Can't wait for this blog post.We gave up camping when two 1 year-olds (one who had a habit of screaming through the night) entered the picture. I (being a very spoiled American) surprisingly really liked camping. The kids LOVED it and found countless things in "the wild" to entertain them. I actually can't wait until our toddles are a little older and we can go camping again. (no euphemism for sex intended)

  3. This post made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Then I chuckled. First off, you have every reason to be afraid. (I'm jus' sayin')Secondly, you look AWESOME in those socks.Third, take the Zanax at about 8. Plenty of time to relax before it gets too dark.Fourth, you look AWESOME in those socks.Fifth, you have every reason to be afraid. (now you can't say that I didn't tell you enough times)xoxo,me

  4. That is so funny. And those socks freakin' rock. You will love them. David is all about "the gear"–as in, if you have the right gear you will be happy. It seems to work for him. Have fun sleeping on the ground. It pretty much sucks, though, no matter what gear you have. But your kids will love you forever and ever for doing this. Truly.

  5. Rebekah, I do live at a camp….in an air conditioned (now) house. Big difference, but I do feel a little confident that it will help me. An yes, I want more smartwools. 🙂 Cathy-so proud of you for flying! 🙂

  6. I am calling out Il Pan on this one. Um, she lives someplace that most of us would have to camp to enjoy. She happens to have a house where most of us would be willing to sleep on the ground, just to enjoy nature. I like camping. But then again, I never sleep well even in a bed.I think you are going to have a blast.

  7. Did you have to post a picture of me where i look like one of my parents is a horse and the other a person creating some kind of freak horse nosed man. At least i know my father was the horse. (Sexually Euphemism Intended)

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