On Drought and what to do about it

Here’s the thing about me. I hate when people complain about something and then do nothing about it. I’m not always the best kind of friend to “just listen”. If you bring a problem to me, I typically want to either solve it for you or force you to solve it yourself. I don’t know what it is about me that’s like that.

That’s how I feel about this drought. This drought that is affecting my kids’s families as well as millions of other brothers and sisters in East Africa. On our iPad my husband has it so that when breaking news happens it gives us a little bell noise. Since I subscribe to many different news outlets related to Africa the iPad has been a tooting with news of this drought. The one that’s worse than the one in the 80s. When pop stars wrote songs about it.

This is one of those times that my words just aren’t coming. I have no doubt, though, that we got our tax refund back just in time. That it was meant to help this situation. I hope you’ll agree on that (with your own money, that is). 🙂

They said it better (this might be an ongoing list when other well spoken women weigh in on the subject).

Rebekah-she also has ways to help linked on this post, the same organizations I would urge you to support!!!


Blueberry’s mom

3 thoughts on “On Drought and what to do about it

  1. I am exactly that same way about complaining and problems – I'm not the best at listening just so someone can vent. Let's hope we can move some big bucks in the right direction, a little from here, a little from there, makes big bucks.

  2. Rebekah gets the Tony, the Emmy, and the Oscar for her post. Could anyone have written it better? I am so sick to my stomach over this. It's horrible.

  3. I am following the story of the Somali people suffering and dying from the drought. I was crying out to God (LITERALLY) for someone to help these poor desperate people. Please advise me of what I can do to help. Where do I send money? What else can we do?

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