Schoolhouse Rock

First day of school today. Bittersweet to be sure. I love having them to myself all summer. But always, without fail, the week before school they start to get antsy. To see their friends, for more structure, etc. And I get antsy to get on a regular schedule, to get a clean house and to get a handle on my ever growing to-do list.

But the first day of school is always pure bliss for all of us. I remember being so excited/anxious/nervous the night before the first day of school when I was younger. I slept poorly imagining the reunions with my friends, my teachers and the like. So fun.

One of the things I love about my kids is they are all so different. It even comes out on the surface with how they dress. Lemme show you what I mean.

Trysten is best described as “skater dude” in dress. He likes plaid/longer shorts and funky shirts. He’s got style.

Tomas is obsessed with looking nice. Polos and khakis are the only things he wants on his body. Today all of the polos were dirty so he had to settle on this shirt.

Tariku is pure athleticism. Somebody find this kid a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt that shows his obsession with sports. Stat.

Dailah. Well she’s all girl. Today I asked her if she was sure she wanted to wear another dress and she replied, “Only dresses for school, mommy!”

3rd Grader. Smart, funny, sensitive, loving, slightly selfish, quiet.

2nd grader. Smart, life of the party, friends with everyone, silly, hard-freakin-worker, loud.

1st grader. Smart, perfectionist, helpful, caring, hard on himself, loyal.

Kindergartner. Smart, hilarious, social, loving, bossy, best-laugh-ever.

And then there was one. Preschool is up in the air for Binyam. He’s going, we just don’t know where quite yet. We are waiting to hear from various sources where the best place for this little guy is. Until then, it’s just Bini and mommy time.

3 thoughts on “Schoolhouse Rock

  1. Oh my Lord! It just occurred to me that you will have FIVE 8th grade graduations in a row, and with the 5th one, you'll have your first high school graduation. Then, 4 more in a row after that! I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Better start a graduation party fund now. đŸ˜‰

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