Saturday Papa Frank bought us tickets to the 200th anniversary of Barnum and Bailey Ringling Brothers Circus. It was Tomas and Binyam’s first time at the circus, which is always fun.

Tariku was literally on the edge of his seat the entire time.

Trysten was just waking up from his nap. He still plays with his hair when he’s tired…even during the Star Spangled Banner.

Dailah, who is facially expressive as it is, did not disappoint.

Tomas (no picture) smiled in awe, looked from adult to adult with eyes so big. He loved it.

Binyam, as mentioned previously, was over it almost just as soon as it started. Mimi Terre saved the day with some snuggles and hand ear muffs. It didn’t appear that he minded the treatment in the least.

Circus was good. I’m over the animals, can we just lose those all together please? The feats of strength, the flexibility and balance? Loved it.

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