Happy Birthday Binyam!

On August 31st our Binyam turned 5. Since I took kind of a self imposed hiatus from electronics lately (you notice?) I have just one picture from his day. Horrible.

But for breakfast he wanted donuts. So donuts he got. Chocolate, with chocolate milk to drink.

For lunch he wanted cereal. Chocolate puffs. So more chocolate he got.

For dinner he wanted (or his older siblings told him he wanted…tough to say) Casey’s pizza. Sausage and pepperoni for the kids. Cheese for the adults.

Aunt Kait called on Skype to sing our birthday boy a sweet sweet song.

Just thinking about this boy brings tears to my eyes.

He is sweet, he is funny, he is tough and loving. He is strong and smart and beautiful and full of life and joy.

The last few weeks while his older siblings were at school Binyam and I have been hanging out a lot. His language development has flourished, his confidence in his verbal abilities has gotten much stronger. It has been so fun to see him make huge strides in such a short amount of time.

Binyam gets over stimulated really easily. At his birthday he was virtually in a comatose state, the same could be said at the circus we went to a few days ago. I think so much of it has to do with his ability to feel. This guy runs around as if he isn’t wearing any skin. I love that about him, but it also makes it quite clear that he is vulnerable all of the time. Which is super hard as a parent.

Binyam starts school tomorrow. I’m going to miss all of our time together. But I’m thrilled for him. He’ll be in an environment that is ripe for learning, that knows exactly which needs of Binyam’s need met. I’m so excited for him.

Truly though, I learn so much from this little guy. If I can re-train myself to treat each moment with as much love and joy as he does, my life will be as big of a testament to love as his is. And that’s saying something huge.

Love you, Binyam-ay.

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