Doozie is sick. Why is she still so cute when she’s sick? What does it say about me that I love when they are sick and snuggly and all cute in their glassy-eyed doped up look? Either way, that’s been my day.

Made vegetable pot pie tonight. 2 pot pies actually. And they were gone. All of it. Zach wasn’t even here. Tomas and Tariku basically split a pie with a little of Binyam’s help. Trysten asked, “Mom do you think this is the most I’ve eaten of your homemade meals that have veggies in it?!?!?!?” It was.

Been through a lot the last few months. But today, perhaps more than ever, I’m looking at the future with such freedom and enthusiasm it should probably be illegal. In the end the only thing I can say that I’m feeling right now is that I’m so thankful for my husband. So, so thankful I get to take on the future with him by my side.

That’s it. That’s the space I’m in now. Off to snuggle with the only other body full of estrogen besides myself in this house.

Hope you’re in a similar space tonight!

6 thoughts on “today

  1. Glad you have found a space of peace right now. It is well deserved. And dying for your veggie pot pie recipe too. Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog and fb…you are awesome. Completely awesome.

  2. hi, i just ran across your blog & i'm intrigued. your family is beautiful! i'm part of a multi-color family as well & i love seeing others. i could also go for that veggie pot pie recipe! we're vegetarians, but the only good pot pie recipe i have includes chicken & just isn't the same without it.

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