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I am constantly surprised at the things I learn from this internet. The people I “meet”, the people I fall in love with, the things that move me, motivate and inspire me, etc. Today alone, I actually quit sipping my wine to process and receive so many great blogs I read. I thought the only way I could share with you and discuss is by connecting you to them.

Amanda just had a really great post on something horrifying going on in our world. Amanda, in case you’re new to hotflawedmama, traveled with us to pick up her son Teshome when we picked up Tariku. I’ve known her for the better part of 4 years and she, like my wine tonight, keeps getting better with age. Love her.

This woman loves espressos and Jesus, need I say more? No but seriously, I love her blog. She just had a great post on attachment that I’m currently chewing on. I’m horrible with band aids. Literally, I’m scrooge. Our rule in this family is, “If it’s not bleeding, you don’t get those $4 bandaids.” I’m currently rethinking this logic.

This blog I just came across tonight because it was linked up on one of my regular’s blogs. I love the way she wrote about her new babes. It reminds me of something we heard a lot when Binyam was having surgery on his feet or when people noticed his feet, “Did you know he had club feet before you adopted him.” “Um, yes, sir/ma’am, I did. This says nothing of me other than the fact that I wanted this kid as my son so freakin’ badly. Selfishly I wanted that smile to greet me every morning, can you blame me?”

Her blog I’ve been a little obsessed with for awhile. Tonight the last line of her blog is, “Only God can turn a glow stick into grace.” Not sure it gets much better than that.

Last night we were at the wedding of a good family friend. The kids look forward to weddings because they just love to dance. Who doesn’t? Binyam is still in his wheelchair because of his full leg casts but that didn’t stop him. I dare say there was no one on that dance floor who was happier than he was. Binyam was spinning himself around, shaking his head to and fro, doubled over in laughter. It was amazing.

Tonight at dinner he was eating when Mitigu crawled up his lap and started licking his lips. After Binyam pushed Mitigu down he was just laughing. Which got the other kids laughing. Soon Dailah yelled, “Binyam has happy tears!” and he did.

The thing about Binyam is I’ve never seen the face of God the way I see it in my son. Here is a boy who has gotten the shit kicked out of him by life yet still finds every moment of life deserving of celebration. Binyam is full of grace and love and joy and hilarity and

Tonight as I put him down to sleep I cradled his head so he’d look me in the eyes, “I love you Binyam-ay.” After his big smile, “I wuv you mommy.” Then he threw his casts around my hips, arms around my neck and lifted. A full body hug that proved life is ridiculously delicious and ridiculously good.

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