Week in photos

I literally have a list 6 deep of blog posts I need to write about. The last few months have been spent reorganizing my priorities and I realized just how “plugged in” I had become. Almost to the detriment of my real life relationships. The relationships I’ve built online have been amazing, life giving sources for me but I found it smarter to delve into the relationships right in front of me a bit more. And it has been wonderful. But I’ve missed this little blog and the people I get to read about on their blogs, etc. So if you notice I’m gone for awhile, nothing sinister is amiss, more than likely it has everything to do with the pretty remarkable family and friends I’ve surrounded myself with. Or the big party I’m planning, yeah it could have something to do with that too. More on that later.

Lots of bloggers do the week in photos and since I’ve gotten the new iPhone with such a great camera on it, I’ve been having fun taking pictures of everyday moments that I’m thankful I’ve documented. So that’s what these posts will be.

As noted, we got the iPhone. Zach has been amazing at helping me set up all the apps, clouds and all other things that made no sense to be before.

Last soccer games of the season for the big 4. Tomas excelled in soccer. He really, really did. And he loved it. Look at his face, come on.

Tariku scored his first goal last week and this week it was Trysten’s turn. He was super excited.

Shockers of all shockers, Dailah also scored her first goal. For a girl who previously spent 1 quarter playing actual soccer and the other 3 quarters holding hands of coaches and teammates, this was a surprise. A rather cute one, but a surprise nonetheless.

My niece Adley Sue met us for lunch and then we took off for camp where I took pictures of my side of the family for my mom’s Christmas card. Ridiculous adorableness ensued.

My family is freakin’ amazing. I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record on that, but really. When Binyam was in surgery my mom tore out what probably felt like an acre of weeds. Then this weekend she bought some edging stuff and we grabbed some mulch and voila. Workhorses. Love them for that.

Dailah saved up enough money over the last few years to buy herself a DS and a girl game. She was super thrilled. The DS is pink and the game she bought is “Pinkalicious”. Oy.

I gave a water presentation at our church. That church is amazing. We love it more and more every day. So, so thankful for them. It went well and they are very excited about the party…more on that later. 😉

I went out in public looking like this. *shudder*

Been working with my Bodystep group. In 2 weeks we launch all new moves and music. This requires me to learn 3 hours worth of choreography. Add to that the party (have I mentioned that?) and various other considerations and I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed at all that needs to be done.

Took Tariku’s hair out of his braids. He wanted an afro for his school pictures. I love how weird Einstein it looks when it’s right out of braids and combed out completely.

Dailah decided she wanted to put her old toddler bed on top of her big bed and sleep like that. Apparently there’s a princess in her dying to get out.

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