This party is upon us. I’m actually really, really excited. Seeings this is my 3rd time at this, the organization is fairly basic. A lot of my email to past supporters look like this,

“Hey! It’s that time of year again. Thanks for helping us the last two, would you consider a 3rd?”

Thankfully every time the responses have been some variation of,

“Of course! Would love to!”

This year will look a little different. We’ll be trying a new (still local) brand of wine. Instead of selling a bunch of painted Africas we are asking artists to paint/sculpt/jewel in their specific medium. I’m so excited about the prospects!

It will still be in the ridiculously amazing venue, still amazing desserts and awesome music (one of the bands who will be playing will feature a man I get to sleep next to every night. Hearing his “band” practice has been ridiculously thrilling these last few weeks).

My rather talented sister-in-law has some fun stuff up her sleeve as well. You’ll want to be there to see just what that is.

Most importantly, there will be wells built by this party. So far, just over $20,000 has been raised at these parties alone. The Quad Cities is alive with people who are passionate about our brothers and sisters around the world.
And that excites me. In inspires me and it rejuvenates me. 
There is no shortage of good causes in this world. We all know that. Water is vital and regardless of anything else, that remains true.

Every year around this time of year water is talked about even more than usual at our house. This is the first time Tomas has understood the discussion. When we were driving home a few weeks ago the subject was brought up again. Tomas’s history has so much to do with water. He remembers fetching it from a very early age. He remembers the headaches, the back aches, everything about it. When he was relaying another story about it I turned to him and said, “That’s why I do this Tomas, so no other kids like you have to fetch water that is so far away and so heavy and so dirty that it could make them sick…or worse.”

He started to cry then whispered, “Thank you, mommy, it means so much.”

One look into his eyes and my passion for this is renewed, my determination abounds. Regardless of how much money is raised this year I know in the end that I did everything I could to be able to look into that boys eyes and feel worthy of his love.

So please join us. If you can’t come to the party, consider donating to the cause. On this website there is the invite to the event or if you want more information feel free to email me at tesileagh@gmail.com.


5 thoughts on “water

  1. Tesi – you made me cry! Man, I hate it when that happens ;)I so badly want to make it to this. We return from Ethiopia on the 2nd and I'm sure we will be crazy busy, loving on our missed kiddos, etc, but man I'm going to try to get my tail up to Davenport!Can I copy this for next week's Change the World Wednesday?

  2. Oh, how I love this. Everything about it. Tomas' pain absolutely hit me…and I would love to donate a piece for your event! I need to google how far away Davenport is from Monroe, WI!email me the details of what you will need (size limits, date you need it, etc…) jrmrikkers@yahoo.comJennifer RikkersYour a rock star mom.

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