Last weekend

we took a little hike with Leslie and her family through one of our local parks. It was a beautiful day, the perfect day really, to be hiking. When we sat down to dinner over the fire I commented that it was the kind of day I dreamed about when they lived in Chicago. I’d always wanted my kids to have close relationships with their cousins. Watching them together at the park reassured me all of those guilt trips I gave Jake and Leslie were worth it, our kids are great friends.

These two have the most amazing relationship. More on that later.

Binyam was still struggling with his walking casts. This meant that Zach and I (mostly Zach) carried that 50lb boy the entire hike. It was not easy but it was worth it because dang if that kid isn’t too cute.

Doozie got to walk my mother-in-law’s dog most of the hike which was a legit dream come true for her.

Just another moment where I push encourage her to do something she was scared poopless about.

Not much fear in this guy. Hilarious.

We all love Sinta. And how could you not, really?

My Bean, he’s such a great sport.

Of course there were glamourshots. There always are, aren’t there?

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