The month(s) in pictures

Not sure how long it’s been since I last posted pictures so I thought I’d make up for lost time. Seriously make up for it.

Before Thanksgiving Tomas had a 2nd grade reenactment of the “first supper” as I like to call it. I just thought there was something hilarious about an Ethiopian pretending to be a pilgrim.

I got to meet my bestie’s babe. Woody had little Donovan in October but it was my first time back in the hometown. I do love babies. 
My sister and I drove a few hours to meet my mom at my grandparents. We brought some Christmas cheer to my grandma who had just had back surgery. I am so very thankful to have both of my grandparents, particularly these two because they are just the coolest. My mom bought them a real Christmas tree and we decorated the house. I got my geeked upedness over Christmas from my mom, by the way.

Dailah (my little Parisan artiste) has absolutely fallen in love with drawing.
We went and helped my parents pick out their Christmas tree. Zach was supermodel hot, Binyam was freezing.

Mitigu is getting big and stealing the dog’s pillow. (Can you believe my mother-in-law made this pillow. Thread portraits are the coolest.)
The kids behaved like a bunch of 20-yr-olds before church playing some chess and some 500.
My turkey trotters
I became super nostalgic looking at the kids’ school pics. Especially Tomas’s. Tomas at 7 on the left and at about 4 on the right. Too cute.
A man who does the dishes and still has tie to give the kitty a kiss? Fuggetaboutit.
I went on a field trip with Tariku’s class to our Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. He and I needed our time together more than we knew. This boy I must never let slip through the cracks. He deserves so much more.
I’ve been learning to snowboard. More on that later but let’s just say I’ve taken my cheap assedness to new levels.
Just because they’re creative in their pursuits for comfort.
There have been LOTS of snuggles.
At my soccer game (1 minute into it) I hear a scream in the stands and see my mom and Zach running to the aid of Dailah who was cupping her face. Then I see Zach cradling her and waving me frantically towards them. The force of her fall (on concrete steps) busted open her chin.

I got my cuddles. She was a champion.

12 stitches later.

One word. Pinterest. That’s all for now.
We celebrated my beloved nephew Eli’s 5th birthday. Sinta was ridiculously cute (I do love Zach’s relationship with his nieces/nephews, have I mentioned that before?) and Eli. What can I say about him? I just love him so much. 

Tariku. He is more gorgeous than you can imagine. He’s also sweeter than you can imagine. Love him so much.
Zach made some shiro the other night. We haven’t tried injera yet so it went over rice. Tomas and Tariku loved it. The rest of us loved the taste but almost died with the heat. Either way, it was amazing. Thank you Captain for being amazing and showing us the way.

6 thoughts on “The month(s) in pictures

  1. Oh my holy freakin' hell!!! You gotta warn a girl when there's gonna be blood and gore in your post, sista! Excuse me while I go throw up…I hope the Klipsch Family has the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years!

  2. I miss you guys. of course I'm waiting IMpatiently for you to arrive at the house today! So blessed to have MOST of my kids and their families close by. HURRY UP!!! please

  3. Yay for picture wrap-ups. It makes me kinda feel like I was there. I love how your kids smile for the camera: big time! I could eat them up. For some reason our Net Nanny software blocks your blog because of "mature" content. I think it's because you swear. I almost wet my pants I was laughing so hard.

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