We did not have internet for a few weeks, I’m just getting back to it and am too lazy/tired/hungover (still from New Years Eve ay yi yi) to do anything but picture posts. It’ll come, I promise.

Lots of cookie decorating at my mom and dad’s house. My niece Adley Sue LOVED the frosting. I just love her.

The tongue! The concentration!

Look who was the last woman standing…and I don’t even like sugar cookies.

Christmas Eve morning we opened presents from my ‘rents. Tomas chose to wear everything he got. All.Day.

Yearly tradition, Santa Claus came!!!! The kids were so hilariously excited.

None more than these two (more specifically Tariku).

I mean, look at this face and thumbs up to Santa!

Even the adults took a seat. Santa Claus happened to be my favorite basketball coach growing up. What a great man.

He made a point to say “You know I’m kind of a cool guy but those people, your parents and grandparents they love you. They are the real heroes.” Kind of a really cool moment.

At one point Dailah asks where his sleigh is and he tells her it’s outside. A few minutes later my mom says, “Um, there’s a kid outside.” Sure enough Dailah walked around the whole house looking for his sleigh.

She came inside, “Where is it? I didn’t see it!”

Santa: “Well it’s invisible during the day. Kids aren’t supposed to see it.” Then he leaves.

Tomas looks out the window and yells, “I don’t know about his sleigh but I see his car!”

Freakin’ hilarious.

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