Every year our local Y does an annual campaign they call “Partners with Youth”. This campaign helps raise funds for all of the amazing programs the Y does. (If you aren’t a member of your local Y, you should be. Especially if it’s as good as ours. Ours has the highest rating from Charity Navigator they are that good. And their programs? Fuggetaboutit).

My husband happens to be the Director of our Y’s Camp. Have I mentioned how great our camp is? Okthen.

When Zach took the reigns as Camp Director about 5 years ago the Camp ran in the red. By a lot. Hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This year? Well this year they are in the black. Zach will tell you it’s because of his great staff and such and such, but I know it’s because of his hot ass how hard he works. And how smart he is, etc. Camp being in the black is really awesome but…

Today the great people of the Y and the people who fundraise for them got to hear a story from a 15-year-old young woman about what camp means to her.

She was nervous, and a little quiet. She was beautiful. She started out saying she loves camp because it’s like a family. That she meets girls in her cabin and within a few days they are her sisters.

Then she goes on to say that she doesn’t have a dad, and doesn’t know who he is because he ran off. “So Zach is like a dad to me. I’ve never had one but Zach is a father figure to me.”

Are you crying? Because I did. The ugly cry.

This beautiful young woman was talking about my husband in a way that made me know this was what he was created for.

I’ve told you all before how amazing he is, and he is that amazing. I know how great of a dad he is, he is that great of a dad. But I loved hearing what kind of role model he is for other young people in our community.

I loved the way he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and talked into her ear. His reassuring kiss on top of her head made her smile, made her shoulders fall. Made her relax.

He is such a good man. I am so humbled to be walking this life with him.

You know those moments when you see God in the everyday and it takes your breath away? Love those.

2 thoughts on “Today

  1. I love this!!! What a remarkable story. It's not about the big things we do… it's the little, consistent things that add up to a whole lot. Like lots of love and attention making this girl feel included and part of a family. Precious.

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