Tomas is 8

Hooooly cow. Still remember this time. It had been about a month since we learned they were going to let us proceed in Tomas and Binyam’s adoptions, 3 months since we first saw their faces and wanted them to be part of our family. If I must say, I had quite a bit of clarity in that post. I must have been drunk. 😉

Only (kind of) kidding.

But Tomas. Look at this picture of him when we walked into his room singing Happy Birthday.

For anyone that knows Tomas, they know that’s just him. Always smiling. Always. 6:30 in the morning? Yup, smiling.

Zach was doing a presentation for career day at the school so we were all very excited that the whole family was going to be at school for Tomas’s birthday (I was going to volunteer as well).

If you’ve been here awhile you know how much I love their school. Love, love. It is bar none the best school in the district and perhaps in the state. Love. And their teachers? uhmazing. Tomas’s does this puffy paint shirt for birthdays in her class. As you can imagine, the birthday kids feel pretty special. Tomas was no exception.

Tomas used money from Mimi Connie to build his skateboard (just like his older brother). Quick side note: the gentleman helping put the skateboard together was quite surprised at all of the colors Tomas wanted on his board, “Really? You want that color? Well this might be the brightest skateboard I’ve ever made!” Also, poor sap got sucked into the Tomas vortex that features approximately 100 questions and numerous scatterbrained anecdotes.

Alas he picked a sublime representation of himself all wrapped up into one skateboard.

Tomas picked Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday dinner. Some aunts, uncles and grandparents met us out.

The night ended with a Skype call from Aunt Kait in Japan.

Last night Tomas had a sleepover with 2 of his best friends and 2 of his cousins. When the mom of one of his friends dropped the boy off she said, “Tomas is the one kid in school I look forward to running into every day. His energy is so good, so positive. He is always smiling, always the first to laugh and give hugs. He is just good.” (She is a para at his school).

And seriously? She’s right on. He is all of that. He is the sweetest boy I’ve ever met in my entire life. In fact, the sleepover was clearly a little stressful for him because he wanted to make sure every boy was taken care of, that everyone was having equal amounts of fun.

Tomas is the biggest kid in our family and also the biggest softie. He is the most attentive to people’s needs and he is also the most spacey. He is sweet and sensitive, loving and playful. He is a friend to many and a foe to none.

I told the para that day that kids like Tomas will never be top in their class, but they will be the kids who change the world. Because no matter what, Tomas sees the good in people, in experiences, in life. And if there’s one thing I have noticed in my short time on earth, it’s that the people who still believe in hope and in love who are making this world a better place to live. And he does, and he will.

Today at church Zach was helping lead worship. Tomas snuck his way in front of me and I wrapped my arms around him. We spent the next 30 minutes wrapped together like this worshipping our God. At one point I was simply overcome. I put my hand on his heart and I poured my thankfulness into his heart and at God. What a truly amazing gift it is to be a mother to this child. What a simply beautiful and powerful thing it is to watch this boy who has witnessed and remembered some horrific things be here. With me. Singing loudly to a God who has seemingly never shown up for him.

But he knows. He knows God loves him. And somehow, he knows he deserves it. He is a powerful witness to me. He is my beloved son. Tonight I am so, so thankful that’s true.

Happy birthday Tomas-ay. I love you so much.

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