Wine to Water 2012

Almost 3 weeks (3 weeks!) ago there was a little event called Wine to Water in Davenport. You guys have heard about it for years. First year, second year, third year.

Clearly I’m a little late to the game on posting about it. The week after the event I was literally so exhausted I was going to bed at about 8pm every night.

The second week after the event I will call the “I wish it was this weekend again” week. My thoughts were lost in how much fun it was and how much I wished we could do it all again every weekend.

So you get the summary 3 weeks late. There will be no pictures on this summary because my computer is old and crazy and hates me apparently. So if you want pictures, see my sister’s blog here, or Jody’s blog here.

But here at hotflawedmama you’ll get thoughts and lamenting from a humbled woman.

The party details were virtually the same, so read past posts for that information if you’re interested.

This post I want to be about the people.

My sister-in-law, of course. Who contributed more than ever before. Who was the person I called to just scream into the phone and then hang up. Who insisted on daily calls the last 2 weeks, mostly because she knew that’s my jam. Who answered my doom and gloom texts with positivity and exclamation points! She. was. amazing.

My husband who, once again, astounded me in every possible way. Facebooking for the first time in months (years?) to drum up support. And who literally gave people eargasms with his beautiful voice and guitar playing. (Well, him and a few of our other amazing friends).

Jody who flew in from the Northeast to talk about why The Adventure Project is the best in the business at what they do (creating jobs, integrity, providing clean water, etc). I can’t really explain how good it was to see her but I can tell you she is as amazing and beautiful as ever. I was so thankful she came and so sad when she left. And for Cassie who chauffeured her around all weekend.

For my amazing interweb friends who donated online and for the one (cough, Chandra, cough) who bid HIGH on a few of the online auction items.  And to my aunt-in-law who came from St. Louis.

For blogger friends SFM and Tamara and Facebook friends who made the trip from Chicago, Wisconsin and other ungodly parts of Iowa. They came to support and stay at camp and hang with us. Unfortunately I was legit the worst hostess ever and, when I was hanging with them, was either preoccupied mentally or so exhausted I might have been partially sleeping. I am hopeful they believe in second chances.

And of course, my friends and family here. It’s kind of amazing what throwing a decent sized fundraiser can do to bring out the real friends you have. The ones who maybe you thought were and then kind of go MIA? Maybe not so much. The ones you thought could one day become a friend offer their arm and leg (and sometimes many beautiful floral centerpieces!) and time and talents. They text you with things like “I’m bringing 11 people! And I’ve gotten 4 amazing pieces of art to donate too!”

Here’s something about me that is kind of the essence of me. If I know you, if I like you, if I love you or have ever loved you, I will pour myself into our relationship in as much of a capacity as I’m able. I will do virtually anything for you. Even if we’ve fought or had a bit of a falling out, doesn’t matter. If you call me and need anything I’ll do it. Please don’t take this as something I’m bragging about. I’m kind of an exhausting friend because I don’t understand when my friends don’t return my fervor. 🙂 See what I mean? My intensity is not always an awesome thing. It’s actually what I blame my prepubescent acne on…

But having events like this, I’ve seen that my energy naturally draws similar energy to it. This party is not possible without many people who have equal parts passion, intensity and borderline psychosis (like me). It’s just not.

And so I’m left, 3 weeks later, feeling so grateful to those people. And you people who prayed and sent out your good energy to the event.

Because, after all is said and done, the event will have raised somewhere between $13-15,000 (long story why there’s such a discrepancy).

Regardless of what the actual total is, it means people in India are empowered, get jobs and have sustainable access to clean water.

And if there’s one thing I’m really intense about, other than friends and family, it’s global access to clean water.

Until next year…

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