Where God Leads…

So one of the main questions we get about adoption is, “isn’t that expensive”? I find this so fascinating because there are very few things in this life that people feel free enough to ask that question. We tend to view anything dealing with money/financials as extremely personal, something to keep close to the chest. People don’t ask it for other things that might be expensive AND dangerous, thus needing to point out major drawbacks of the deal (i.e. isn’t doing crack expensive?) Adoption, in short, is VERY expensive. In fact, I’m sure it’s one of the main reasons that deter people from taking the big leap and actually adopting, which is ultimately really depressing.

It comes down to a few things for Zach and myself. One, we truly feel led by God (as noticed in previous post) and thus believe where He is leading, He will provide. Now, even though we believe this, it doesn’t mean we’re just going to sit by, fill out the paperwork and expect a check to literally drop out of the sky. We know we have to work hard and come up with alternative ways of making that money appear. It is amazing though, because if there was one thing that has been a common thread throughout my and Zach’s marriage, it has been that He has provided. Not even necessarily financially, those most definitely that way too. Thus, even though we are feeling quite nervous and stressed about the financial aspects of adoption, we truly hope we will be able to see God’s love in abundance continue to happen.

Secondly, it occurred to me when Zach and I were talking about it all once, that we didn’t think twice about buying new cars or buying our new homes. I mean, we went out, did all the research, etc, but we ended up buying those things without too much thought (looking back perhaps it would have been wise to put in a bit more reflection). So the fact that we could buy something that is really so trivial but would possibly NOT adopt for that same reason seemed silly to us. Truth: we could buy a fairly nice, new vehicle with what we’re going to pay for the adoption. Truth: we are getting a CHILD who was left orphaned by things out of his/her control by that same amount of money. The expense, as noticed, seems well worth it!

Third, I truly believe so many people in this world fall victim to wanting to live in the world of riches (Zach and I have felt this as well). You want the big house, the two nice cars, great jobs, dinners out, extravagant vacations, etc. Now, I’m not saying those who all of that are heathens by any means, I’m merely saying Zach and I have come to find out the hard way that that life is not going to make you happy in and of itself. A life outside of worldly possessions and inside a life of God, family and friends is an altogether better, more comfy place to be. We KNOW how hard it’s going to be financially before/during/after the adoption but we also know our family is ready to take on that “burden” if it means giving a child a warm and loving home.

So with all that said, we have ideas on how exactly we’re going to do it. I have a feeling it will test our creativity like it hasn’t been tested in a long time! We know for sure once we sell our house, I’ll stay working at Estes for a while and save my entire salary and use it towards the adoption. I’m also interested in getting anyone and everyone who might want to come, to come out to Camp once we live out there and celebrate a traditional Ethiopian meal with us. I also really want to offer quilt blocks to anyone who might be interested in hopes that we would get enough takers that my fabulous mother-in-law could quilt it all together so we can send it on to our child as soon as we know who it is!

These are just a few ideas. We’ve heard some great ones through the awesome place that is the online forum for our adoption agency. It’s just amazing how He provides. By an unbelievably generous gift from a certain couple of our family members, we will be able to take the next step in the adoption paperwork. Because God is leading us, He too led them and I can’t thank either of them enough. What a beautiful, beautiful love! Thanks for checking in.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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