Happy Mother’s Day

I realize I wasn’t going to write anything more until we turned in our application, but then I started thinking about moms and had to write something as I realized I did an ode to dads previously but not moms. That’s crazy!

I find myself these days talking a lot like my mom. Trysten was following me out the door today and he started singing, “Let’s go tally ho, I say let’s go tally ho.” As most people know, I tend to make up songs, words, etc. It’s a fun game I do and I’ve been impressed with my son’s ability as well. But when I heard him sing that song I remember singing when I was young, I was struck by how much like my mom I am. I definitely still see differences between us. But I’ve heard we look alike, we sound alike, we laugh alike, and we sneeze alike. We’re both outgoing people and no one is ever surprised if we enter a room as a stranger and leave with four new friends. We have lots of love to give to both young and old and we both have little patience when technological items aren’t working with us. We laugh and cry at the drop of a hat. It’s pretty amazing, really, how alike we are.

But even if we weren’t so much alike, I think there will always be a part of me who would at least try to be. She is the most amazing mom EVER. My childhood memories of her are so wonderful. In those memories she’s always laughing, always singing, always smiling. She was a working mom but made sure to make us dinner every night (including most weekends). Zach is forever impressed with that fact, as my siblings and I were involved with four sports (at least) throughout our lives. She made us a priority and I will always love her for that. She (with my dad) nurtured us into the amazing people (if I do say so myself) we are today. We are an extremely tight knit family because of her leadership in our family. I’m finding it hard to express just how wonderful, beautiful, hilarious, caring and loving she is in just one little blog. Suffice it to say I truly hope I can be half the mom she is to my kids.

Then there’s my other mom, Ms. Terre Klipsch. Tkladynred or “ruby” as some might call her. To her I will forever be grateful for not only giving birth to the most amazing husband in the world, but also for being there for me in a way not seen in most mother-in-laws. Anyone who has ever had a meaningful conversation with one of the “original” Klipschs knows they are bright, hilarious, confident, loving, and did I say hilarious? There is literally not a day that goes by that I don’t wonder how Frank and Terre were able to create these four amazing humans I get to call my brothers and sisters. In Zach I see Terre’s humor, love of animals, intelligence, beautiful eyes (though to be fair, Frank helped in that one too) and a heart that will go out to anyone and everyone. She too has had a hand in raising me to be a better woman, wife, mother and pet owner. She is absolutely amazing and I thank God that He provided me with a husband that came with the whole wonderful family.

I’d be remiss not to mention my sister (in-law), Leslie. What an amazing woman. She has blessed me with two nephews now. Oliver and Elihu are beautiful beyond belief. Her patience, love, beauty and kindness are something I both admire and aspire to be. Through the five years we’ve been sisters, I’ve watched her go from a beautiful, strong single woman, to a beautiful strong married woman to an even more beautiful, even stronger mom. With her mom, grandma and aunts as guidance, she grew up knowing what it felt like to have an amazing connection with women and I will be forever grateful to them for teaching her how to love unconditionally.

And then there are the mothers I constantly seek guidance from. Other moms who had huge parts in creating this Tesi that lives and breathes today: Grandma Matthias, Grandma Dawson, Kathy Dawson, Barb Matthias, Glenda Klass, Diane Matthias, Susan Matthias, Anne Lohmeier and Debbie Taylor. Happy Mother’s Day to you all, I love you and thank you for providing me with this life I have done nothing to deserve.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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