No Words

Well, we finally have all three referrences sent and filed away. Our referrences were asked to send them straight to the adoption agency and I asked for a copy for us (not only for our records and baby book, but also to send to the agency in case they misplaced the originals!). I must say we have the most amazing friends in the world. I have read two of them so far and have cried while reading both of them. It’s such an honor to have friends like those! I can’t believe our blessings!

So this means we are just waiting for our physicals to get done! Dailah’s and mine are tomorrow but I’m also hoping Zachary can squeeze his in too. Trysten needs his full preschool one so that is scheduled for Friday. After that, we just have to take a family picture and then send it along! My goal is to have the application mailed by Monday. I’m just too excited!

On Saturday we met with my sister-in-law, Leslie’s aunt, Joan. Joan adopted from Ethiopia about four years ago. Stephen is such a beautiful boy! He was adopted around the age of 2 and is now six. It was awesome to hear Joan’s experience and see Stephen and Trysten playing. Gave a glimpse of a potential near future for us! I can’t get over how wonderful all of Leslie’s family is. We took a break from adoption talk and Joan, being the gracious host she is says, “Leslie told me you like pie Tesi, would you like a piece.” And proceeded to cut into a freshly baked pie that tasted a bit like heaven with crust. So with that said, I’m looking forward to meeting more and more people who have adopted before us, especially if they are as nice as Joan (and wouldn’t hurt if they were good bakers too!)

A lot going on in our lives anyway! Tomorrow is Zach’s last day at the Scouts. He’s really going to miss working with the people there. He starts at camp on Thursday already! Our house at camp is under construction. Jerry, our contractor, is a true blessing in himself. Can’t get over our good fortune having him work on it! Then found out this morning the reason for my abdomen pain is because my gall bladder is not working! This means surgery for me on the 23rd. On top of that, selling our house! WOW….what a transitional time for us!

Zach had to work last night so I was with the kiddos by myself. I truly can’t remember the last time I went to bed and didn’t reflect on my life and want to pinch myself. I have the most amazing husband in the entire world. He is so loving, kind, hilarious, beautiful beyond belief and such a fantastic daddy. Then my two kids. Where do I begin? Thinking about the future…picturing us adding to our family. Whatever our new child/ren bring us, I know we will be blessed to have them. This adoption is not about giving a child a loving home in which he/she deserves (though I certainly hope that is one result). It’s about expanding our blessings too. God is good!

Anyway, thanks for checking in. Hopefully next post will be the announcement that we have sent in our application and are awaiting homestudy dates! Love to all.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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