Birth Certificates and Friends

For some reason I love the idea of putting two subjects at once together that don’t normally fit. So there you go.

First, birth certificates and marriage licenses. For the adoption we’ll have to (apparently) have a few certified copies of them when it comes time to compiling our homestudy and dossier docs. Ever the forward thinker, I went ahead and ordered those today. 4 of each of our BC and 4 of our ML. Guess what the total for that was….nope higher, nope higher still. Yup, $160. See where all this can add up? Polk County is outrageous! Zach was born in DuPage Co, IL and it was only $10+$2 additional copies. Polk Co was $15 EACH COPY. Of course that’s where I was born AND where I got married so there you go. Stupid Polk Co. 🙂

On to friends. I know I’ve mentioned that we have great friends, but I really am not exaggerating. I got to have coffee with one such friend this morning. He is an economic developer by day, a lawyer by night but to me he will always be our notary. Thanks to Nathan for notarizing all of our adoption docs, one less thing to worry about because he knows I’m forever impatient with these things and is quick to respond when I need him! Perhaps I should make him a special cape? I think I’m onto something!

We had a lovely weekend. Saturday we got to have lots of family time and napping time, which can never be beaten. Saturday night we had a couple from our small group over to the house. It was wonderful getting to know them better! I love how sometimes God puts people in your life at just the right times. I’m hoping this is one of them! Sunday Zach had to rush into work but the kiddos and myself treked off to church and small group; both of which were exceptionally great. At church they had a very poignant display of how God has changed people’s lives. Was a tear jerker. Then at small group a couple shared their story and it was so awesome to hear how God had worked in their lives too. What a blessing!

After that, I tried to finagle the kids into taking a nap at the same time with no luck. So when Trysten woke up, I let him watch Star Wars while I “closed my eyes” for a bit. When I woke up, he had opened the toy boxes in the basement to find his light saber that my sister had gotten him. It’s a noise and light maker and I think I’m going to really regret my decision. It hasn’t been off for 24 hours! Owell, at least he claims he’ll protect us with it if a bad guy comes. Thanks, Trysten.

Hope all had a good weekend. Check for pics next time, I’m getting ridiculous with them! Peace in the Middle East.

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