Projectile Vomit and Vanity Fair

So for the last few weeks (and sporadically before that) Dailah has been projectile vomiting in her sleep. I’ll put her down about 8:30 and about 9 she’ll cough once, I sprint up the stairs (mind you, I’m not as fast as I used to be, but still…) and she’s already bathing in a sea of white. I know, gross right? Well at first I kind of shrugged it off as her wanting 2 baths a night since she loves them so much but lately they happen about every night. I can’t put her in her crib without her being completely asleep or she’ll cry once and throw up everywhere. Not worth the hassle and laundry in my opinion. So she’s going to the doc at 2:30 today. Keep her (and me, if you’ve got room) in your prayers. I’m wondering if she hasn’t built up a milk allergy or intolerance of some kind? If there are doctors out there who are stalking my blog and have yet to come forward, please reveal yourself and save me the $20 copay. 🙂

Vanity Fair’s July issue is all about Africa. I started it last night, very interesting. As I get older, I start to realize the magnitude of what is going on in the world around me. I have become obsessed with worldy issues and realize how corrupt and mean people can be. I feel crazy things all at once. Empathy, outrage, compassion, anger, disenchanted, etc, etc. I’m both overwhelmed by what is happening (in Africa and in other parts of the world) and empassioned. I want to help in any way I can but at the same time feel down about me being “just one woman”. I truly hope that by making our adoption known to our family and friends we can start a revolution here in this little state we call Iowa.

So I guess with that, I just want to ask that you all do your part to become aware of what’s going on. Not by reading your local newspaper, it will say nothing or very little about the events occuring outside the US. Find other places, search and you will find! Take some time to become something other than “an American” and become “a HUMAN who happens to be American”. Because essentially what is going on around the world is a HUMAN crisis. Though the politicians might not be taking care of their own people, it is up to HUMANs to do the work of Christ. To speak for those who cannot and to work for those who cannot. To live and dwell amongst those who have no voice and to roll up our sleeves and work TOGETHER to find a way to heal the wounds of the helpless.

(off my box now) By the way, you can all frequent Starbucks again. They recently (FINALLY) signed the fair trade deal with Ethiopia. Within the next couple of months they will be selling Sidamo coffee (an Ethiopian original) please go out and try it. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! And you will be doing your part one delicious cup of joe at a time!


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