Bridge to Taribithia=Sadness

One of the best things in the world about Trysten is how empathetic he is (mentioned previously, I think he gets it from me). I can’t get away with feeling anything (happy, sad, angry, etc) without him picking up on it. He is forever trying to comfort the sad, reassure the distressed and love the unloved. It is a truly unique characteristic in a 4-year-old and I’m so proud of him. It is one thing I hope he NEVER tries to hide or stop doing. He is so naturally gifted at it.

With that said, last night we decided to watch “Bridge to Taribithia”. DO NOT SEE IT. First off, it’s not very good and there are only a few scenes with any sort of imagination. Secondly, it is horribly sad and depressing. I won’t give it away but something truly awful happens. So I was crying (see post about 50 things about me) and then Zach got my attention so I could see Trysten crying. Zach asked what’s wrong and he said, “I didn’t want that to happen”. I was so mad at the movie for claiming it was a kids movie and then doing that. Arg! So for the rest of the night we had to reassure Trysten it was just a movie and it didn’t happen in real life. But my kid was crying! Oy it was so precious and sad at the same time.

The last week I’ve tried to explain cemetaries (yeah, that sucks), death, life, bodies, spirits, Jesus, and all things depressing to him. I am in no way cut out to do those motherly things.

On a lighter note, I also got to explain breasts to him after he tried telling me mine were two kids trying to come out. If he’s anything like his dad, it was just an excuse to touch breasts.

2 thoughts on “Bridge to Taribithia=Sadness

  1. How precious he is!!!Just wait till he understands what “chicken breast” is. My four year old claims we eat the boobs of a chicken. OH, and then came the story of where eggs are from…:) Love and encourage his sensitivity. Only too soon will the world take it away!!

  2. I haven’t seen the movie because the book (a classic!) is so good I hate to ruin it with a major motion picture. Yes, the ending is sad… but so much better in the book, I’m sure!

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