I Miss My Kids!

Well it hit me…not that I haven’t been missing them all week, but I’ve been keeping busy, doing things that are accomplished a lot easier without kids around. Today I get to see them in just 6ish hours. I can’t wait! I miss their voices, their kisses, their smells! Oh I just miss hugging them, and talking to them, waking up with them and giving them baths. Two wonderful kids, I tell you, and they are all mine (oh, and my husband’s). Can’t wait to see them, even if they don’t miss me as much as I miss them. 🙂

Last night I got a bit more packing done. Then my good friend, John Dengler came out to help me mow and do overall outside maintenence to the house. We worked from 7-10. Yes, you read that right, it was ridiculous. I think my neighbors were forming a coup against me, there was going to be an uprising to kick us out before the new people moved in. It had been THAT long since we mowed our grass. Not only that, but someone (cough, Zach, cough) had left what started out to be a freshly cut, fluffy pile of grass on our lawn with hopes of taking it to camp. 4 weeks later it was a heaping, heavy, smelly bag of compost that left a crater in our yard and a poo-smelling stench permeating the place. It was awful. The smell and soy sauce look alike stuff was getting on John and my hands and was creeping in our nostrils. It was gross. I have pictures of the ridiculous amounts of grass (since our regular mower was broke we had to use an OLD one that didn’t have a mulcher, which meant raking too, FREAK!) and the aforementioned crater/heaping bag of poo. You’ll have to wait until next week to see those, but you will want to because it’s amazing.

Until then, hope you have a great weekend. I most assuredly will as it will include reuniting with me kiddies and fun at the lake!

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